Tube Cutting Machine

Tube Cutting Machine

Tube Cutting Machine  is used to open, straighten and chipless cut the coil copper pipe into set-length straight pipes. It is mainly applied in the areas of air-condition, water heater, airplane, automobile, etc.

Option:TCM TCEMprocess:Quantity: Length: Type: Rotating: 
CNC tube cutting machine
CNC tube cutting and end
forming machine
max process:
tube dia.
A.1:single tube
B.2:two tubes
C.4:four tubes
D.2+2:double two tubes
Once feeding length:
A.500: 500mm
B.1000: 1000mm
C.X: continuous feeding

Decoiler type:
E.with motorized decoiler
Q.with eye-to-sky decoiler
P.with Passive decoiler
Rotating type of decoiler:
N. null: one side rotating
T.2: two sides rotating


      CNC tube chipless cutting machine  is used to open, straighten and chipless
      cut the coil copper pipe into set-length straight pipes It
      is mainly applied in the areas of air-condition, water
      heater, airplane, automobile, etc.


      Continuous feeding by belts; high efficiency; cutting long.

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Copper tubes in Level-wound coils


 Seamless copper tubes in level-wound coils (LWC)are particularly cost-effective for the manufacturer of heat exchangers, tube bends,fittings,heaters.Long lengths provides the consumer with two advantages:little scrap and long machine times.

Material Copper tubes in Level-wound coils


 Type DHP(material No.CW024A as per EN 12449,UNS No.C12200) copper.

This material meets the requirements of ASTM (B280,B68 and B75) and EN (12735-1,737-3 and 793) specifications.


● Temper

Soft annealed and hard as drawn .

◆Annealed tubes are supplied to manufacturer products where they must be formed to a high degree and where fittings and bends demand.

◆Hard temper copper tubes are normally used in the manufacturer of solar heat absobers,ect.

● Packing

 Nominal weight standard for AGS level-wound coils are 100kg to 120kg.

 RETA furnishes level wound coils with cardboard reels.

 The reels are constructed of corrugated fiberboard and the reeled coils are palletized for ease in shipment and customer storage.

 LWCs are wrapped in plastic film.

 A wood pallet is provided.

 ● Size Available

 LWCs produced in the following size range:


Remark:Size with mark"☻"indicate those are common size with the company is making,Any unusual sizes with special requirement can be tailor-made against order.

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